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What Finishes Are Possible with Mohawk Products?

Mohawk finishing products make it easy to finish any project right. With top quality products across a range of finishing needs, no matter what you’re looking for, Mohawk can provide it. While there are lots of options for finishing the interior of an auto rebuild, the difference in quality is important to consider. It’s crucial to make sure your finishing products are up to the task since they’ll be responsible not only for the final look and feel of the vehicle but for keeping the material underneath in good shape as well. Especially when it comes to wood and leather, finding the right finish can be the most crucial step in the process.

CTI Industrial Supply is proud to stock Mohawk products for precisely this reason. We know how many auto shops and hobbyists rely on CTI for high quality tools and auto repair products, so we’re careful to select only the best for our customers. After all, our goal is to make it as easy as possible to find the tools and material you need which is why we offer one of the most extensive and most well-curated catalogs of auto parts in the US. That said, all these options can give you a lot to wade through, so this post is meant to break down some of the products available from Mohawk so you can figure out which will work best for your business or project. 

Leather Like New

One area where Mohawk products excel is in leather touch-up and repair. As one of the softest materials used in the auto repair or build process, leather seats and other features often get scratched or damaged, either during use or repairs. Some touch-up jobs can fix this damage easily, but others leave leather looking worn out or uneven, which is not how you want to deliver a finished product to a customer.

To this end, Mohawk offers a line of leather touch up pens and brushes that are sure to leave your leather interiors looking as good as new. The main trick is precise color matching, which allows you to match your colors exactly even in vintage and hard to find tones. Mohawk also offers aerosol leather repair basecoats which can make a difference in smoothing out and covering repairs on scrapes or cuts. It also makes even heavily repaired leather pieces look even and clean, improving the overall look and feel of your auto interior.

Lots of Wood Finishes to Choose From

The most popular Mohawk products, however, are their wide range of wood finishing solutions. From powders and stains to glazes and lacquers, Mohawk gives you a multitude of options for finishing a wood interior right. The first thing to think about is what you need from the finish you choose. Some finishes are better, for instance, at highlighting wood grain and other features if you want them to stand out. Others provide more protection from wear and tear, and some are great for covering up less than beautiful wood pieces with an attractive finish.

For cover-ups such as this, colored lacquer enamels are probably the way to go. With an opaque finish, this fast-drying enamel can make ugly wood look impressive again. Plus, it’s available in a wide range of common colors to give you lots of choices for the finish you want. If you just need to repair some cracks or scratches—or other imperfections on the wood—there are also a few different blending and filling tools available from Mohawk. Blendal Sticks, for instance, make it easy to get the color just right when touching up or repairing wood features. They can be used on either raw of finished wood and come in an assortment of 12 or 36 different colors. That means that no matter what color you’re going for, there’s a blending option for you.

For holes or larger seams, Patchal Putty can help a lot. Easy to use and ready to topcoat in just minutes, this filler putty makes the repair process simple. For something a bit more complicated, burn-in sticks from Mohawk might be a better option. These can be used on just about any surface and blend brilliantly with the surrounding material. One other advantage these have is that they don’t build up with gloss when used which can be a problem if you’re going to apply a flat or satin final coat. An innovative product designed to make repairs even easier, it’s one of the most exciting products Mohawk provides. 

On the more traditional side, you’ll find classic wood stain and glaze options that are made with easy use in mind. In particular, a lot of the stains from Mohawk are fast drying wiping stains that are simple to apply precisely and accurately. The results will look as if you spent a lot of time on staining, while the opposite is true. This line -- just one of many -- provides deep colors with great undertones and an overall professional look. There are also options for lighter and semi-transparent stains, including this line which is designed to add color without raising the grain of the wood for a more uniform look. They’re all made to be fade resistant and keep their wonderful coloring for years to come, especially when paired with a Mohawk sealer coat.

It’s All About Color 

One of the biggest issues that pops up with wood staining and finishing is the need to get the color right. Some colors combine in unexpected ways, and it’s easy to end up with a result that you weren’t expecting if you’re not careful. With Mohawk products, it’s a lot simpler to figure out because every stain and tone finish is formulated in many different color options that are accurately portrayed in presentation. Toners available from Mohawk come in a variety of finely ground pigments that work well with different kinds of blending or repair methods. That means that no matter what methods you’re using, the toner from Mohawk will give you the color you expect. From something as dark as the Espresso color to light tones like Royal Sapphire or Driftwood, Mohawk products look amazing across the color range.

Once the color is just right, you also have options for how much sheen you want with lacquers available in satin, gloss, flat, and dead flat. While some of these finishes are less common in the auto industry, CTI stocks them all to make sure you can finish your project exactly as you want to and do something a little different if you’d like.

Not only does CTI offer all these helpful Mohawk products for interiors and finishing, but we also have a full catalog of parts, tools, and just about everything you need to complete an auto build or repair. For over 30 years, we’ve been providing much-needed supplies to everyone from big auto shops to DIY hobbyists. We have a passion for auto repair and are more than happy to help you find what you’re looking for in our vast catalog. As your one-stop shop for everything auto, we’re excited to continue offering Mohawk finishing products to our clients. We’ve seen how easy they are to use and the beautiful results you can expect when you use a Mohawk glaze or stain.