Benco B15 Semi-Paste Powder Coating & Aircraft Stripper 5 Gallon

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Part # : B15


Benco #B15 is a semi-paste, non-flammable, water rinsable remover with an acidic pH capable of stripping most paints and finishes. #B15 will rapidly strip polyurethanes, epoxies, polyesters, and catalyzed and conversion finishes. #B15 has a long wet life and will cling to vertical surfaces. #B15 is formulated with the highest quality virgin solvents, surfactants, and additives. 


Methylene Chloride Content         60/70% by weight
Specific Gravity                            1.195 (9.97 lbs./gal.)
Percent Volatile                             >95%
VOC Content                                191 grams/liter (1.59 lbs./gal.)
Boiling Point (Initial)                      104 degrees F
Freezing Point                               Less than -40F
Flash Point                                    N/A
Shelf Life                                       Minimum 1 year, unopened, stored at less than 75 F


Apply Benco #B15 by brush or roller, brushing in 1 direction only. Product can be sprayed with stainless steel spray system with Teflon trim with a tip pressure of 300-400 lbs per square inch.Apply a liberal coat and allow product to strip all coatings prior to removal. For items with multiple coatings, one application will remove multiple coatings. If one application does not remove all coatings, reapply immediately and residual coatings should be rapidly removed. If the product has dried on the surface, reapply a coat of stripper prior to removal of finish for best results. Stripped finishes can be removed with a scraper or brush. Removed finishes with stripper can be reapplied to extend the life of the stripper. For best results, once finishes are removed from the surface, rinse with water. Do not use on magnesium surfaces. Use extreme caution with this product, as it will severely burn skin and eyes on contact. Consult MSDS for specific product and safety information. Clean up with water.