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Finish Strong with Mohawk Finishing Products

Rebuilding or updating a car or truck is a lot of work. From start to finish, everything is in the details -- after all, it’s the finer points that spell the difference between “good enough” and a job well done. You want the final result to reflect all the work you’ve done under the hood, and that means the final detailing and finishing work is really important to get right. Whether you’re a DIY home builder, or a larger auto body shop or supplier, getting the finish right starts with making sure you have the right tools and materials.

At CTI Industrial Supply, we’ve taken this to heart. If you’ve worked with CTI before, you know our parts and tools can get the job done. With an extensive network of suppliers and partners, we make it easy to find what you need, from basic tools to hard-to-find parts. Paint and other finishes, like wood finish and leather repair products can be especially hard to find. While many parts are made in a standardized way, detailing and finishing products can get very specific. Making sure you find the right paint or wood finish to match what’s already there can be a struggle—especially true if you’re working with vintage vehicles that come in less common colors and finishes. Don’t worry though, CTI can help you get what you need.

We’re proud to stock Mohawk Finishing Products. For wood, in particular, Mohawk offers a variety of finishing options that are great for touch ups and cover-ups. Wood can take a lot of damage, and that means it’s essential to make sure the finishes and paints you use are up to the task. Mohawk products are made with this in mind. In addition to being easy to use and high quality, Mohawk can provide you with long-lasting, wear-resistant finishes that keep wood looking great for years to come. As well as finishing products, you’ll find fillers and repair kits for fixing scratches and gouges that can make even well built (or rebuilt) vehicles look less than complete. They also have products available for leather touch ups too -- another area where wear is common.

The best part though is the wide range of options you have from which to choose. So, whether you’re trying to match a hard-to-find vintage stain, or want to do something unique with your project, Mohawk has a product for you. From clear lacquers and primers to specialty finishing products such as the Crackle Lacquers in multiple colors, you can find just about any finishing product in the Mohawk catalog. Regarding colors, you’ll find the standard options used in auto industry wood, but you’ll also discover top-of-the-line products such as the grain-enhancing Wiping Wood Stain which looks fantastic when used on high-quality wood. From start to finish, the Mohawk Professional Finishing System is designed to create beautiful results quickly and easily. It’s been tried and tested over thousands of projects, so you can be sure you’re getting the results you expect.

All of this is a lot to consider. From color to finish type, and all the options in between, deciding on the right finish for your wood and leather interiors can take a lot of thought. CTI can help here too. With a team of professionals on hand to answer your questions, we can help you wade through the options to find exactly what you’re seeking. If we don’t have it in stock already, we’ll do the work of finding it, so you don’t have to, relying on the many suppliers we work with. We know our online catalog is enormous, so it’s common to need a little guidance on finding what precisely what you want. We’re happy to help! Our team consists of people who are passionate about automobiles and the process of rebuilding and repairing, so we’re excited to dig into the specifics of your project and help you see it through to the end.

As one of the largest online suppliers of auto body tools and supplies, we’ve built a reputation for excellence and trust throughout the auto repair community. We’re not just online though, and sometimes -- especially when it comes to finishing details -- it’s important to see what you’re getting in person. If you’d prefer to shop in person, we have a location in Las Vegas on Valley View Boulevard and would love to see you there. For over 30 years, we’ve been operating from this shop, and it’s become something of a destination for auto builders across the country. Here, you’ll be able to choose from a wide variety of the Mohawk finishing products we have in stock and see for yourself why we think Mohawk is the best in wood finishes and leather repair.

Don’t let all the hard work you’ve done rebuilding things under the hood go to waste by skimping out at the end of your project. Instead, finish strong with CTI and Mohawk and make sure the detail work on your car matches the quality underneath. It’s easy to overlook the final details at the end of a long rebuild, but Mohawk makes it easy to keep to a high standard of quality and ensure that your finished product catches the eye. With long lasting products that protect what’s underneath, Mohawk finishes not only look great, they keep wear and tear at bay. So, get in touch with CTI today, or come by our Valley View Boulevard location to see what Mohawk finishes can do for you.