Ultra® Classic Toners

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  • $15.08
Part # : M100-0002

Dye based transparency with highest rating of light- fastness available for dyes.
  • Excellent Flow Out
  • No Over-spray
  • Mar and Alcohol Resistant

Now solve flow-out problems associated with aerosol lacquer touch-up! Ultra Classic Toners utilize a non-fading, non-bleeding dye to provide excellent clarity. Wood shades can be varied without imparting the "muddy" effect sometimes associated with pigment type toners.

The Twelve Pack Assortment comes with a variety of colors to help with repairs or projects of the most common wood finishes. Substitutions are not possible. Toners included are:
Natural Pine M100-0002
Medium Brown Walnut M100-0207
Extra Dark Walnut M100-0209
Dark Red Mahogany M100-0227
Brown Mahogany M100-0229
Light Oak/Natural M100-0321
Dark Walnut/Oak M100-0351
Light Walnut/Colonial Maple M100-0352
Medium Oak/Tavern Pine M100-0355
Deep Red Mahogany M100-0384
Cherry M100-0408
Dark Walnut M100-7020