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3M™ PPS™ Adapter 2

3M™ PPS™ Adapter 2

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3M™ PPS™ Adapter 2

Adapter converts paint spray guns for use with the 3M™ Paint Preparation System requiring 16 mm Female, 1.5 mm Thread.

Adapter converts the following paint spray guns for use with the 3M™ Paint Preparation System, and other paint spray guns that require 16 mm Female, 1.5 mm Thread:

ADIR Gravity Series
Advantage 90115
AES 150
AirVerter GG-100
AmPro AR6025
Astro Star QUL
Astro M-Star
Astro Quantum Ultra Light
Asturo ECO/SX
Asturo ECO/S
Asturo Xtreme
ATD Gravity Series
ATD 6900 Series
C.A. Technologies Jaguar J100H
C.A. Technologies Jaguar SLP
C.A. Technologies Jaguar 100C
C.A. Technologies Jaguar 300C
C.A. Technologies Techline T3
Campbell Hausfeld DH-6500
Campbell Hausfeld DH-7800
Campbell Hausfeld DH-7900
CAPspray 3100 Gravity Series
CarQuest ProValue 2304-PV
CarQuest ProValue 2305-PV
Central Pneumatic Gravity Series
Cornwell PSG-1400
Craftsman 9-15531
Dart Products AB17G
Dart Products H827A
Dart Products H881A
Dura-Block AF900K
Dura-Block 007 Extreme Performance
Evercraft (NAPA) BK7703758
Goni 321
Graco LT200
Graco LT300
Grip H827W
Grizzly H7669
Husky HDS-780
Husky HDS-790
Husky HDS-890 Pro
Ingersol Rand 210G
Ingersol Rand 270G
Iwata LPA-94
Iwata LPH440 Primer
Iwata VX929
Iwata VXL949 Primer
Iwata W400
Iwata W400LV
Iwata WR-400
Iwata LPH400 LV
Iwata LPH400 LVB
Iwata LPH400 LVX
Jonnesway JA-6111
Jafe Activa 5500G
Kobalt (Lowe's) KC-566CG
Kobalt (Lowe's) KC-577HG
Kobalt (Lowe's) SGY - AIR 86
Kobalt (Lowe's) SGY-AIR86
Kobalt (Lowe's) SGY-AIR88
Mac SG1250 Series
Mac SG1300 Series
Mac Econocoat
Mark I AF7003
Matco Gravity Series
Max Air W98
MSB Gravity Series
M-Star Gravity Series
NAPA (Evercraft) #BK7703758
Nikota HVLP-G
Porter-Cable PSH-1
Porter-Cable PSH-3
PRO-TEK 2600
PRO-TEK 764x
ProValue (Carquest) 2304-PV
ProValue (Carquest) 2305-PV
SATAjet B NR-92
SATAjet B NR-95
Sharpe FX-200 Conventional
Sharpe FX-300 HVLP
Smart (Finishmaster) Spray Gun Kit (Std)
Spitznagel W2000A
Spray-It 522
Star III
Sunex 9002A
Sunex 9004A
Titan Vaper 1.4mm Base/Clear
Titan Vaper 1.7mm Primer
TranStar 6613
TranStar 6614
TranStar 6617
Trem Pro Gravity Series
U-Pol Maximum
Warwick 861-C
Warwick 863
Warwick H881W
Warwick 881H
Warwick 904H