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3M™ Purple Clean Sanding Hookit™ Disc 334U 6 in. P320 Grit, 50 pk.

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Part # : 01812

3M™ Purple Clean Sanding Hookit™ Disc 334U, 6 in. P320 Grit, 50 pk.

What the power of 3M™ Purple Clean Sanding Discs can do for you:
Extend disc life - More power to go the distance with discs that can last 2-3 times longer than traditional no-hole, 5-hole or 6-hole discs.

Increase productivity - Longer-lasting discs improve productivity and the unique multi-hole disc pattern is designed for quicker changes because hole alignment is not required. You'll see the difference in material consumption - and your bottom line.

Clear out more dust with less disc loading - The spiral-patterned disc design features hundreds of holes to give dust a better escape route, moving more dust away from your finishing surface without loading the disc. Dust settles into the loops of the disc, and not in the air or on the disc surface.

Improve cutting ability - Premium abrasives deliver consistent performance to get the job done ... and done right.

Simplify disc application - Discs utilize the 3M™ Hookit™ Attachment System for easy reuse.

3M Part Number: 01812
UPC: 51131018129
Pack: 50 discs per box
Diameter: 6 inch (152 mm)
Performance Level: Best
Backing: C Weight Paper
Hole Design: Clean Sanding
Grade: P320 Grit
Product Form: Abrasive Disc
Packaged Form: Boxed
Sanding Surface: Clear Coat, Fiberglass, Paint, Plastic, Primer
Abrasive Mineral: Aluminum Oxide
Attachment Method: Hookit
Sanding Method: Hand, Machine
Wet or Dry: Dry