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Mirka Royal 3 in. Coarse Cut Grip Disc 40 Grit, 50 pk.

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Part # : 40-608-040

Mirka Royal 3 in. Coarse Cut Grip Disc 40 Grit, 50 pk.

Coarse Cut is an aggressive sanding material suitable for sanding lacquer and putty, glass reinforced polyester and welding seams. Coarse Cut is a durable product suitable for all kinds of coarse sanding. This is due to the specially reinforced backing material and Progressive Bond™ bonding technology developed by Mirka.

Competitive products show significant edge wear after limited use. These torn edges can produce deep, uneven scratch patterns. Coarse Cut's superior edge strength withstands heavy use - even against metal edges.

  • Super edge wear
  • Minimal clogging
  • Flexible on rounded surfaces

Available in discs and filesheets with PSA or Grip attachment.


  • Grain: Aluminum oxide
  • Bonding: Resin over resin Progressive Bond™
  • Backing: Special reinforced F-weight paper
  • Coating: Semi-open
  • Color: Maroon
  • Grit range: P36- P40, P60-1