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Dura-Block Standard Sanding Block, 5 pk.

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  • $44.75
Part # : AF4400

Dura-Block Standard Sanding Block, 5 pk.

  • Part Number: Dura-Block AF4400
  • Length: 11″
  • Width: 1-3/8″
  • Height: 3/4″
  • Color: Black
  • Attachment Method: PSA (Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive)
  • Material: 100% EVA Rubber
  • 20 PCF Thickness
  • Use: Wet and Dry

This block is designed to follow contours or flats. No dents, no ripples.

High-end professional sanding block. Great for show cars and perfect flat finishes. The best sanding block money can buy. Dura-Block® will enhance any project you’re working on. Dura-Block® is the ideal blocking solution for classic car restoration, boats, airplanes, trucks and many other projects requiring absolute perfection.